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Social Responsibility

Clubsuncity2 is dedicated to create a responsible online casino gaming environment for all of our players. We care about the wellness of the players and it is our mission to generate a fun and exciting casino gaming platform experience with the responsibility of preventing excessive addiction and underage access to our platform.

As the top online casino gaming site in Malaysia, the company are to promote online casino gaming with responsible environment and provide the expertise in assistance to the community. We have implemented and enforced the following policies to ensure a long-lasting gaming experience


Protection of Minors

We only provide the gaming services to players over 18 years of age. In order to reduce the possibility of underage gambling, we strongly discourage any persons under the age of 18 in attempt to participate in the gaming activity. It is an offence for minors to participate in any of the games.

Although we actively prevent children from accessing the website, we acknowledge the fact that computer with internet availability is easily accessible all around the world. It is best if this prevention works can be a shared responsibility between the minor’s guardians and gaming company.

To ensure the safety of your children, we recommend internet filtering solution that can be used to reduce the chance of minors accessing certain website in your home:

  • – web filtering software that allows visibility and control over child web activity.

  • - a filtering software to add to browser to block unsafe content of all kinds.

  • - a smart filter for parental control protecting children from online dangers.


Knowing Limits & Staying in Control

Our platform enable the players to have a great time while they are at their A-game, whilst most people do gamble at their own accord, a small minority group of player might allow gambling to take over their senses that entails risk. A player should actually establish his own predetermined limits. It is essential for player to stick to their own financial and personal limits to make sure gambling for one is a harmless and enjoyable entertainment, please do follow the below guidelines if you have trouble staying in control:

  • Always establish personal limits for money depositing and betting before you start playing.

  • Decide on a time limit for your regular playing session and break time and stick by it.

  • Setting your own limits on maximum loss and never try to chase your losses.

  • Make sure you know the rules set of the games you participating in.

  • Make sure you take gambling at your own will and it should not interferes with your daily responsibilities.

  • Gambling is not for one under any dependency or those who are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

  • Gambling should be a casual entertainment. It should not be a solution to pay off debts.


Recognising a Problem

By going through the self-assessment test below, it will help to evaluate whether you have an existing problem concerning your gambling behaviour:

  1. Do you gamble just to get away from your current boring life?

  2. Do you stay away from your actual lifestyle just to focus on gambling?

  3. Do you gamble up until your very last penny?

  4. Do you think conflicts, frustrations or distresses in life make you want to gamble more?

  5. Have you ever lost interest to your close one (etc. family, friends or even hobbies) because of your gambling activity?

  6. Have you ever felt extreme urgency to try and win back your losses whenever you lost a game?

  7. Have you ever lied to cover up the money spent on gambling to anyone?

  8. Have you ever felt depression or considered suicide due to your gambling behaviour?

  9. Have anyone ever criticized or complained your gambling attitude?

  10. Have you ever borrowed or stole money to gamble or settle your debts?


The more positive answer you have to the questions above, the more likely you have already developed a serious gambling problem. We would recommend you to go for a professional consultation session or talk to someone close. Please do contact our Customer Support Specialist services and request for self-exclusion if required. 


Self-exclusion Procedure

Suncity2 will suspend any customer's account upon request. During this period of time, you will not be able participate in the gaming activity or be allowed to revoke the suspension.

Alternatively, please contact our Customer Service Specialist and they provide you guidance on how you can proceed with any further action.

Please bear in mind the following:

  • Any request for self-exclusion will be confirmed to you through e-mail or any preferred way of communication. The confirmation made to you will include the process and consequences of self-exclusion, including the commencement of the exclusion period.

  • If you wish to resume gaming services after the self-exclusion, you will need to contact our customer service to facilitate the course of reapplication.

  • Our customer service operators will be available to you 24 hours a day to discuss any aspect of the action.


We urge you to ensure your gaming accounts are suspended by us and also consider withdrawing yourself from any other online gaming platform when you have noticed a problem in your gambling attitude.

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